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BIG Congradutations to the successful Hands of Korea exhibition.
Thank you for all of whom have supported and visited. We will soon update the gallery page.

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The annual European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace, France has selected Korea as the Guest of Honor Country in the fall of 2010. I am very honored to be the cheif curator for the Hands of Korea exhibitions. Over 100 Korean artists have come together to present four exhibitions that exemplify the best of Koreans cultural heritage in textiles.   I expect that Hands of Korea will make a significant contribution to the Meeting by presenting Korean bojagi, contemporary art quilts, joomchi, and Imperial costume. Hands of Korea will be on view in Alsace, France from September 16th to September 19th, 2010. We expect at least 30,000 quilt lovers and visitors from 50 countries to attend the European Patchwork Meeting, and its celebration of Korean textile arts.

I am grateful that the Cheongju International Craft Biennale is sponsoring full-color catalog of Hands of Korea's three shows (Bojagi, Joomchi & Quilt).

Chunghie Lee, Chief curator

Title of the guest of honor country's exhibition: Hands of Korea

Time: September.16.2010 (Thursday) – September.19.2010 (Sunday)

Place: Espace des Tisserands, St. Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France


Chunghie Lee,
Dr. SeongHee Joo,
Jiyoung Chung,
Chief curator, Visiting Professor at Rhode Island School of Design
Head of Fashion Design at Hansung University, Seoul
Joomchi artist based in USA

Advisory Committee:

Dr. KyungAe Wang
Dr. SungSoon Lee,
YoungSoon Kim,
MyungHee Oh,
SangHoon Yang,
SangJae Nam,
ChangHo Cheon,
Dr. KyungAe Wang,
HyangSook Park,
MiSik Kim,
Karen Searle,
Elisabeth Wasserman,
Consultant for Beyond Quilt, Professor at Dongah University
Director of Soma Museum, Prof. Emeritus, Ewha Women's University
Professor at Mokwon Univsersity
Professor at Sangmyung University
President, Korea Paper Artists' Association
Professor of Wonkwang University
Professor of Yoinsongdam University
Professor of Dongah University
Professor of Seoul Women's University
Editorial Consultant, American fiber artist/writer
Professor of SookMyung University
Cultural Consultant, Swiss journalist


HyunKyung (Diana) Oh,
HyunJin Yoo,
Mary Quin Templeton,
Angela Oh,
Younjoo Cho,
Design/Public Relations
Design/Public Relations
Administrative Assistant (Intern)
Administrative Assistant (Intern)
Hands of Korea Intern

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