Korea Bojagi Forum and Workshop will feature speakers from several continents, museums, art exhibits touring, shopping, and more!

Forum speakers will focus on the influence of the Korean Bojagi (wrapping cloth) tradition on artists around the world. The ¡°homeland¡± of Bojagi offers special insight into the traditional materials of bojagi: silk, ramie and hemp, and handmade paper.

Dr. Hur's Traditional Patchwork Bojagi
< Dr. Hur, Donghwa's Traditional Patchwork Bojagi Collection,
Director of The Museum of Korean Embroidery >

These materials are also the core of Korea¡¯s dynamic fabric arts and fashion design. Participants will experience Korea¡¯s abundance of traditional and contemporary fabric and paper arts. There will be opportunities to see exhibitions and demonstrations and to shop in the famous Insadong arts district and at Seoul¡¯s huge and famous fabric market, a source of traditional and contemporary fabrics.

Places to visit< Heyri Village & Suwon Hwaseong Fortress >

We will be guests at the opening of a special exhibition of Bojagi interpreted in many materials and media by Eastern and Western artists at the Heyri Artists Community, a unique settlement of artists, designers, and architects near the Demilitarized Zone. We will spend most of our time in Heyri for various workshops. For Natural Dye Workshop on Saturday, it will take place in the countryside outside Seoul at the ancient Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, – a UNESCO Designated Cultural Site with museum, and visual arts center. This stunningly beautiful site will serve as our inspiration during the forum, and in our memories afterward.

Korea Bojagi Forum is organized by Chunghie Lee and Beyond & Above Publications, and is sponsored by the Craft and Folk Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, Park Eul Bok Embroidery Museum, Seoul, Korea and The Museum of Korean Embroidery. About general information about The Museum of Korean Embroidery, click here!

< Dr.Hur, Dongwha's Embroidered Wedding Bojagi Collection >

Our Keynote Speaker is Dr. Hur, Donghwa, Director of The Museum of Korean Embroidery

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